Use the software in Exam Mode, for example, to tackle our tough, randomized exams that depict the official exam in both degree of difficulty and types of questions. Just as you are allowed five hours to complete the test, this same amount of time is allotted for our practice simulation exam.
However, our software is a study tool and for this reason we have added features to make your studying time more effective. To momentarily stop the exam and resume the test at your discretion you can save the exam by clicking the Save & Exit button at any time and resume it whenever you like by loading your saved exam with the click of a button. The software is smart enough to load back your answers, restore the clock to the time remaining and resume the test. Above is a snapshot of the practice exam running in Exam Mode
WebTestSim© is a certification exam simulation software that provides you with an accurate representation of the Texas Examination for Educator Standards (TExES) test. Above is a snapshot of the software running in Study Mode.
Fully understand the material. Detailed explanations and rational are provided for each answer along with references to additional materials in the Explanation Section of the software. All of the sections and review material in the simulation exam were prepared by test experts in the education field to assure accuracy, difficulty level, and application to the actual examination.
With a click of a button you can quickly access the full description of any competency measured by a question. Above is a snapshot of the software running in Exam Mode revealing the Explanation Section to a question. Notice the level of detail we use to explain the rationale behind every answer.
Upon completing a test in Exam Mode the software gives you a score report showing a graphical display of your test score with a breakdown of scores by competencies. If you prefer you can take a printout of your score results for further analysis; gauge your progress overtime as you take our tough simulation exams over and over again, which by the way never show the questions in the same order – it is a randomized simulated exam.
Master the fundamentals. This software tool, included with the software, will drill you on your knowledge of the fundamentals and key educational concepts with a flashcard format offering hundreds of questions that may be arranged into customized and random quizzes. With our products you can be absolutely sure when you are ready to tackle the real TExES exam.
If you prefer you can send score results to your instructor so they can monitor your progress as you attempt to pass our tough simulated exams while building your confidence for the real exam.
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