An edtpa-Compatible
Portfolio-Building System

Ready to build your portfolio stress free?

Build Portfolio

Build your entire edtpa portfolio quickly, in an organized way, with user-friendly navigation and built-in guidance to the highest levels of the rubrics.

Local Evaluation

Facilitates local evaluation support at coursework and fieldwork levels; built-in communication tools facilitate interaction btw teacher candidate and evaluator.

One-click Reports

Faculty can generate reports based on teacher candidates’ mastery of the rubrics on the click of a button.

The edTPA trademarks are owned by the Board of Trustees of the Leland Stanford Junior University (Stanford University). This material is not endorsed or approved by Stanford University or any of its licensees. Certify Teacher is not affiliated with or related to Stanford University or any of its licensees. This content is not sponsored or endorsed by Stanford University, nor has it been reviewed, certified, or approved by Stanford University.

This resource was prepared and reviewed by experienced teacher educators who are leading successful teacher preparation programs in their own universities. It addresses head-on the challenges of edTPATM by facilitating local evaluation support, where school faculty judgment, critical examination and expertise interacts with candidate portfolio submissions in an organized, secure, conducive-to-learning and safe environment. EPP programs are free to select any system to help their candidates build their portfolio at their own discretion – it is an option offered by edTPATM. We humbly hope you choose Certify Teacher, a leading provider of educator preparation resources. Thank you for your support!

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Interactive Practice Tests

What’s included in the Practice Tests

Practice Materials
  • Hundreds of incredibly realistic test questions
  • Full-length interactive practice tests to take as many times as needed
  • One hundred percent aligned with the most current test core standards
  • Questions formatted with the latest testing technology you will encounter in the real exam:
  1. Select all that apply
  2. Select the correct answers from drop-down menus
  3. Drag and drop the correct answers
  4. Click to identify the correct sentence in a reading passage
  5. Click on check boxes to produce the correct answers
  6. Type the answer in an entry box
  7. Constructed-response items (scored by faculty members in real time)
  8. Audio playing test items
  9. Voice recording test items
Exclusive Online Tools
  • Study Plan Tracker – personalized learning to address your specific needs
  • Constructed-response items (essays) scored by faculty members in real time
  • Study Mode to build quizzes that target only the competencies you were found deficient
  • Flashcards to drill your knowledge of key educational concepts
  • Analytics show you graphically the skill/knowledge you master on a test and the ones you don’t
  • Video tutorials to refresh your math skills
Unmatched Expertise
  • Full-length interactive practice tests written by subject area specialists
  • Extensive coverage of all domains and competencies through several test samples
  • Every skill/knowledge assessed on the practice test is identified in the core competencies manual
  • Every answer choice – correct and incorrect – is addressed by explanatory commentary
  • Personalized Study Plan tailored to your needs
  • Software solution that makes the most of every minute you spend prepping
  • Get comfortable with the test before you take the real thing
More for your Money
  • Access of up to 3 years or until you pass your state assessment whichever comes first
  • You only pay once – no monthly charges to your credit card.
  • $35 for a set of tests per exam title via Promo Code* for most exam titles
Promo Code: Authorized school administrator can obtain a Promo Code for their candidates simply by asking for one in writing to sales@certifyteacher.com. No contract or obligation required.


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Control Panel

For EPP Administrators

Ready to take the guesswork out of preparing your candidates for their certification tests?

What if we could provide you with data that informs, not only which content knowledge and skills your candidates are struggling with on a state certification exam, but also whether your instruction is directly impacting their performance? That would help you revise your curriculum as needed to help your candidates where they need help the most, right? And what if we could also provide you with measurable data of candidate learning and growth? Would that help take the guesswork out of preparing candidates for their certification tests, giving room for intentional and purposeful teaching? Would that strengthen your program?

We have a tool that provides you with all this information in data visualization that is easy to understand. It is called Control Panel. And Control Panel is a free-of-charge tool to educator preparation programs that use or endorse the use of Certify Teacher test prep solutions to their candidates. No contract or obligation required.

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Study Guide

The Study Guide for TExES™ Core Subjects EC-6(291) gives you a focused, timesaving way to identify the information you need to know to pass your TExES™ Core Subjects EC-6(291) exam.

We strongly recommend you combine CertifyTeacher electronic assessments with the study guide to help you become familiar with the types of questions that you will encounter on the TExES™ exam. By reviewing the domains and competencies in the body of knowledge of the test with the study guide, and practicing with the electronic assessments, you can focus on the specific skills that you need to improve before taking the exam.

To enhance your chances of success in this important step toward your career as a teacher in Texas schools, the study guide:

  • Presents an accurate and complete overview of the TExES™ Core Subjects EC-6 (291) examination.
  • Identifies all of the important information and its representation on the exam.
  • Provides a comprehensive review of every domain.
  • Presents sample questions in the actual test format including level of difficulty.

Here is what you will encounter when studying with this study guide.

  • All 47 competencies are covered by content area experts
  • Every competency is introduced with a video
  • Every skill and knowledge in each competency descriptor is discussed
  • A quiz at the end of every competency assesses understanding
  • Identifies for you all the important information on the exam
  • Tracks your study progress with the Study Tracker listed in the Main Menu.

The purpose of this readiness review is to help refresh your memory on subjects with which you should already be familiar.

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