Test Item Writer

Simulados® Software is seeking authors for the development of its exams. We have exam titles that still need to be developed and other titles where we need to increase the number of questions for our database. We pay our authors a generous royalty amount for every copy of product sold.

If you would be interested in submitting practice test material for any of the TExES exams on this list, we would love to hear from you. Even if your testing expertise is not in the way of a computer-related practice exam, we are more than willing to work with you.

How to become an Author

1. Apply
When you decide which test(s) you would like to create, send us an e-mail addressed to authors@certifyteacher.com with the following information:

  • A short resume about your experience and expertise
  • Complete title of the test
  • Estimated completion timeline

All information submitted will be treated in strict confidential.
We will research Simulados® Software current test needs and will return an e-mail back to you with approval or a request for another test choice.

2. Content Development Guidelines
Please click here to view the guidelines we use for the creation of content for our computer-based prep software.

3. Submit Sample Questions
Please submit 15 sample questions for review by our Content Review Team. Make sure your sample meets the specifications of our Content Development Guidelines available for your view in step 2 above.
We have found that this saves time on the final review when your test has been completed and submitted.

Only after you receive feedback with specific guidelines for the project along with contractual information from Simulados® Software should you continue to write additional questions that you create.

Note: Authors are required to state under the Contract that all Non Disclosure Agreements, Intellectual Property, and Copyright Laws are obeyed while creating content. Simulados® Software shall not be liable for any Intellectual Property disputes, NDA violations, or Copyright infringements made by any content author.

4 .Submit the completed work by the deadline established in the Contract

5. Start receiving royalty checks