Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)!

Here are a few of the questions we get the most. If you don't see what's on your mind, reach out to us anytime on phone or email.

How long can I access my Interactive Test Prep Solution?

You are entitled access to your Test Prep Solution for up to 3 years from the date of purchase or until you pass your state assessment, whichever comes first.

Your program will prompt you to renew your access every 35 days. Renewing your product is free of charge. Your first 9 extensions do not require you to contact our office via email or phone. You have the ability to personally renew your access period online at expiration. Simply authorize your extension by checking all three boxes on the screen selecting "Grant Access." This option will automatically appear the next time you log in following your expiration.

Requests for the 35-day extension that exceeds nine (9) times will only be granted after you submit one of the following via email to sales@certifyteacher.com:

* A copy of your TEA ticket as proof of registration to the TExES exam.

* A copy of your most recent TEA score results.

* An E-mail from your campus professor, advisor, or certification officer.

The registration ticket or score result information must show the candidate's name on it.

The E-mail from faculty must state the candidate is still preparing for his/her certification exam.

This is how we validate the legitimacy of the request and the authorized usage of the program. Only after verification of such will we be able to grant the extension requested.

How long can I access my Study Guide?

You are entitled access to your Study Guide for 365 days (1 year) from the date of purchase.

Can I get a free trial to your program?

The 7-day free trial is only available if you hold an administrative position at a college, university, alternative certification program or educator preparation program. If you meet this criteria, please send your request to sales@certifyteacher.com. We will be happy to provide you with a 7-day free trial login to the Test Prep Solution of your choosing.

If you are a certification candidate, we invite you to take a look at our website under "About our Products" on the left menu that showcases the features of the readiness review program. Additionally, if you click on one of our available products, you will find a short clip on what our programs have to offer!


Principal as Instructional Leader (268) (Test Prep Solution)

How do I get a promo code?

For candidates: It depends on whether we have an affiliation with your program or university. You are welcome to contact us to check or you can reach out to your advisor or professor regarding this. If your educator preparation program does offer a discount for their candidates, they should be able to instruct you on how to apply the discount.

For Educator Preparation Program certification officers and administrators: Please send us your promo code request to sales@certifyteacher.com for assistance in setting up a promo code for your teacher candidates.

We also offer discounts for former and current U.S. Military. Please contact us for more information on these discounts.

I'm having difficulties applying my promo code. What do I do?

Please ensure that you're using your university-given email or student email when applying your educator preparation program's promo code. If you should want to use a personal email address to make the purchase, you must have that email address pre-registered for use of the promo code. To accomplish this, a representative from your EPP should email us a request to pre-register your email address. You and the requester will receive a notification once this is complete. You'll also receive a system-generated step-by-step email from us on how to apply the discount. If your email address was pre-registered for use of this promo code, please ensure that you're using that same email when applying the promo code.

Additionally, please note that EPP promo codes do not apply to Study Guides or bundled products. Discounts can only be applied to our Test Prep Solutions (some schools excluded).

Please let us know if you are still experiencing difficulties so our team can further investigate. A promo code will only provide a discount on the current purchase. Orders that have been placed and submitted for payment at the regular price cannot be processed for a discount after the purchase has been finalized.

I emailed your Sales/Support team. How long should I expect to wait for a response?

All emails are responded to as quickly as possible (~1-3 business days). Our inboxes receive a very high volume of emails and all emails will be responded to in the order in which they are received. Please add our email addresses below to your Email Safe Senders List, Address Book or Contact List.

We kindly ask that you do not send your email to "noreply@certifyteacher.com," as this inbox is not monitored by our team.

Can I use PayPal Credit to pay for my product?

Certainly. We have partnered with PayPal to provide our buyers the option to pay now or pay over time with PayPal Credit. Just use PayPal Credit in PayPal checkout.

I need 50 clock hours—is Certify Teacher a CPE approved vendor through the TEA?

Absolutely! We are a CPE-approved vendor through TEA. You can earn 100 CPE hours by studying with this test prep solution. Here's the work required to earn 100 hours.

* Obtain a 270 or higher score in 2 full-length practice exams.

* Scores must be obtained in consecutive test submissions.

* Complete all quizzes assigned by the Study Plan Tracker.

We also offer a 6-hour certificate of completion on our Test Prep Solutions. The certificate button will not become an available option until the minimum of 6 hours is completed in the program.

Do you have a money-back guarantee?

Yes! Certify TeacherTM has a money-back guarantee. To be eligible for the Money-Back Guarantee, you must:

* Be a first-time taker of the real exam.

* Obtain a 90% or higher score in 3 practice exams within 2 weeks prior to your official test date.

* Complete all the assigned quizzes recommended by the Study Plan Tracker.

* The Study Plan Tracker must be turned on throughout your studying preparation.

All claims for refund must be received by Certify TeacherTM within 30 days of receiving your test results. Mail in a copy of your official test results report to the address listed below. It must be mailed in. Once the refund is given your account will be terminated, you will be forfeiting any remaining time of access to the account.

Certify Teacher
Sales Department
19740 Candlecreek Dr
Spring, Tx. 77388

Can I access my program on more than one computer/device?

Absolutely! As long as you are using Google Chrome, Safari, or Firefox as your internet browser, you will be able to access your online program from any device (using your username and password). Please do NOT use our programs with Internet Explorer.

What is the online practice review? How does it work?

Our practice tests list the same number of scored questions as you will find on the real exam. Our test questions are 100% aligned with the TExES™ test framework. To reassure you're studying the content that will be tested on the real exam, in Skills Tested we show you what knowledge/skill in the state manual each practice question measures. In addition, we provide personalized learning based on your specific needs. When you're done taking a practice test, our smart Score Report evaluates your results by competency and provides a comprehensive performance analysis. Then the system recommends assignments to help you master the specific content you need improvement in. Our Test Prep Solutions contain the most current core standards and testing technology used by the state, such as constructed responses and technology enhanced items. We've got the full package to help you be successful in your TExES™ exam on your first try. Let us help you.

What is included in the Test Prep Solution?

We offer more than just practice exams. Our Test Prep Solution is a readiness review with incredibly realistic test questions and features that help evaluate candidates' proficiency with the skills and knowledge tested on the actual educator certification tests. The Test Prep Solution provides a set of features to help candidates focus on the specific skills and knowledge they need to improve on before taking the real certification exam. This program helps candidates cement knowledge and sharpen their test-taking skills. Some of the important features in this solution are:

  • Study Mode
  • Exam Mode
  • Flashcards
  • Performance Analysis
  • Study Plan
  • Study Plan Tracker
  • Video Tutoring for Math Topics
  • Exam History
  • Test-Taking Tips
  • Questions Reviewed by Domain or Competency
  • Full and Detailed Explanations for all answers — correct and incorrect
  • The option to test and retest with different question sets
  • Large bank of questions
  • Automatic Pass/Fail feedback
  • Certificate of Test Preparation

What is the recommended process to use my Test Prep Solution?

Our minimum passing score is a 240, just like the state exam. However, we recommend all candidates to score a 290 or above on our practice exams before registering for the state exam. Aiming for a perfect score of 300 would be even more beneficial for candidates to feel the most confidence when taking the actual exam. Reaching just the minimum score doesn't allow the test-taker much room for error. Please note that some schools/EPPs have different criteria set for their candidates; please check with your advisor, if applicable.

Why are my Study Mode and Flashcards modules locked?

There is no way to bypass the baseline exam in Exam Mode. In order for the study plan to be effective, the initial benchmark exam needs to be completed. The other modules will not unlock until the initial exam has been taken. Upon completion, the program will establish a starting point and tailor the study plan according to the candidate's strongest/weakest competencies and domains.

Does Certify Teacher have any resources for the PASL?

Unfortunately, Certify Teacher does not and will not have anything to support the Performance Assessment for School Leaders (PASL) that candidates must sit after they take and pass the TExES Principal as Instructional Leader (268) exam.

I need time accommodations on my state exam. Does Certify Teacher have this option?

We do offer the option to extend the time on your exam! Please contact us for more information on how to accomplish this.

How is my time spent on the program tracked?

Time is logged when any of the following actions are performed:

  • Submit a full-length exam (to completion; score report is generated when complete)
  • Submit a quiz to completion in Study Mode
  • Submit a quiz to completion through the Study Plan Tracker
  • Time spent on the Flashcards module

All of these actions are posted in the Exam History time log.

Why is my "NEXT" button grayed out?

If this is occuring upon the last question of an exam or quiz, your next step to proceed would be to click on the "REVIEW EXAM" button, then the "SCORE EXAM" button. Please let us know if this does not resolve your inquiry.

I recently changed my name. How can I update this on my account?

Please contact the Sales Team if you would like the name changed on your account. You may send an email to sales@certifyteacher or phone us at 866-209-9986, option 2. 

How can I change my username email?

Please contact us if you would like to change your username email address. However, please note that all your progress will be lost if you decide to change your username.

How can I change my password?

Once you have reached www.certifyteacher.com, click on "Candidate Login" in the top right corner. You can then click "I forgot my password." You will be prompted to enter your username e-mail address so we can send you a link to reset your password. If you have provided a "notification e-mail address," a reset link will also be sent to that address.

If you have already logged into your Certify Teacher account, you can clcik "Change your password" on the left side of the page.

Can I exchange my product for a different one?

As long as you meet the criteria in our Return Policy, we will be more than happy to exchange your product to another one of equal or lesser value. Please contact us for assistance with your product exchange.

How often do you update the bank of questions?

Throughout the year, we add new question items to our products when they're available. These questions are challenging, thought-provoking, and measure the skills and knowledge tested on the real educator certification tests. For up to 3 years from the date of purchase, users will automatically receive these updates free of charge.

I found a typo/mistake in my product. Who do I report this to?

We apologize for any typos or mistakes in our products. This kind of feedback is vital to our success! In order for us to attempt to correct these issues, we will need the question ID for each problematic question. Question IDs are located at the bottom right of the screen and look something like, "TX.Math4-8(115).115.303568". This information will help us quickly locate the question(s) you're referring to. It is our goal to always release a flawless product.

We kindly ask that this information be sent to our team at support@certifyteacher.com for our review.