Promotional Prices

Regular Promo Code

Promotional codes are sent free of charge to Educator Preparation Programs that request them for their students; promo codes are also distributed on postcards to candidates everywhere. These promo codes can only be used to buy CD-ROMs at a discount price -- $10.00 off the regular price. There’s a $2.50 postage charge + tax. Only selected titles are subject to this discount; check the list below. This list can change at any time and without notice.

Products Currently on Promotion

  • PPR EC-6
  • PPR EC-12
  • PPR 8-12
  • PPR 4-8
  • ELAR 8-12
  • Principal
  • Superintendent

Military Promo Code

Promotional codes for military personnel can be obtained by contacting the Texas Troops to Teachers organization. These promo codes can be used to buy Online, Download and CD-ROMs at a discount price -- $12.00 off the regular price. There’s a $2.50 postage charge + tax. All of our products are subjected to the military discount. Military id is required to complete the purchase.

Special Discount to Educator Preparation Programs

We offer a substantially marked down price of $25/student to Educator Preparation Programs that submit orders of a minimum quantity of 30 logins for any online practice exams excluding the administration titles TestSim® Superintendent and TestSim®Principal. These products add value to the administration and monitoring of candidates’ progress in their preparation effort. Tests are graded automatically; score reports are generated automatically; candidates can e-mail their qualifying scores to their advisors right from the software program. Please contact us for further details – or the toll-free number 1-866-209-9986.