Computer Simulated Exams

The Study Mode experience provides a practice exam with immediate question-by-question feedback to quickly assess your knowledge of the subject. Check your answers as you go. Read the competency related to the question and its descriptive statement with the click of a mouse. Read the detail explanation for both correct and incorrect responses in the Explanation section to understand the rationale of the question. This practice exam is not timed nor scored, nevertheless it functions to approximate the real exam environment.


The practice exam software is delivered in CD-ROM and also as an instantaneous Download to your computer. In addition the software is available for practice online, via the Internet, from any computer, anywhere. The picture below depicts the Study Mode of the online exam version of the software.


When you’re ready to test your skills in a simulated exam environment, a random exam will select questions from the entire question bank. The Exam Mode simulates the actual exam environment; it presents a full-length, 5-hour timed exam. Practice questions are presented in a clear and concise format, similar to what might be found in the “real” exam. Thought-provoking answer choices challenge you and promote critical thinking at every level.

In this Mode, the exam is timed, and answers are not provided until you’ve completed the entire exam. Once you’ve finished an exam, you’ll review your overall score and receive a complete breakdown of your exam performance by Competencies.


In the Review Answers section the correct answer is clearly highlighted and detail explanations for both correct and incorrect responses are given, ensuring a greater understanding of complicated subject material. For further study you will find a list of references at the end of the Explanation Section.


To see snapshots specific to your practice exam please click here.

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