How to Become an Author

1. Prospective Author Applies

When you decide which prep-exam(s) you would like to develop question items for, send us an email addressed to with the following information:

  • A short resume about your experience and expertise
  • Complete title of the prep-exam(s)

We will research our current prep-exam needs and we will reply via email with an approval or a request for another prep-exam choice.

2. Batch of Question Items is Commissioned

We will commission a batch of around fifty (50) or so question items via email stating our areas of need, content development guidelines, preparation manuals, and author expectations.

3. Prospective Author Accepts the Commisioned Batch

You will notify us via email that you are willing to develop these question items for us as indicated in the commissioned batch.

4. Prospective Author Submits a Sample Question Item

We will ask you for a sample question item, which you will later email to us. We will review the sample question item for formatting and alignment and we will let you know what needs to be fixed (preferably via phone conference), if needed. If there were errors, you will re-submit the question item with the changes made and another revision will be done.

5. Contract is Signed

You will then receive via email, a contract, as well as IRS Form W-9, for you to sign and mail to us. All information submitted will be treated with strict confidentiality.

Note: You will be required to state under the Contract that all Non Disclosure Agreements, Intellectual Property, and Copyright Laws are obeyed while creating these question items. Simulados® Software shall not be liable for any Intellectual Property disputes, NDA violations, or Copyright infringements made by any author.

6. Question Items are Developed and Submitted

You will develop and submit the whole commissioned batch of question items. The tentative timeframe is around two (2) months. If necessary, you may submit sections of the commissioned batch of question items.

7. Receipt is Confirmed

We will immediately confirm receipt of your question items via email and have our billing department prepare a check to be mailed to you. We will calculate how much you should be payed based on the quantity and the type(s) of question items submitted.

8. Another Batch of Question Items is Commissioned

Returning authors may ask for another batch of question items. If we find it fit to do so, we will approve your request and give you more details about your new project.