Study and Exam Modes

This next-generation test engine software provides you with an accurate and complete representation of your educator certification exam. Use this readiness review to evaluate your proficiency with the skills and knowledge tested on your exam. This software solutiondelivered via Online accessincludes a set of tools designed to provide you with the information and strategies needed to pass your educator certification exam.


1. Take a practice test.


2. Our smart Score Report evaluates your answers on the practice test and provides a comprehensive performance analysis.


3. Build a quiz with questions containing only the objective area(s) the Score Report shows you’re deficient in. This way, you can save valuable time by targeting only the areas that require more focus.


4. Test and retest with question sets. Review the explanatory commentaries for all answer choicescorrect and incorrectto determine whether you need to study the objective topics more. Drill your knowledge with hundreds of key concepts using the Flashcards module.


The Study Mode experience provides quizzes with immediate question-by-question feedback to quickly assess your knowledge on the subject. Check your answers as you go. Read the competency related to the question and its descriptive statement with a click of the mouse. To understand the rationale of a question, read the detailed explanation for both correct and incorrect responses in the Explanation section. These quizzes are not timed and do not reflect your overall score on your Exam History, but are still functioned to approximate the real exam environment.

The Exam Mode is also available for practice online, from any computer, anywhere. The Exam Mode is also an approximate simulation of the actual exam environment and will randomly generate a full-length, timed exam from our entire question bank. These practice questions are presented in a clear and concise format, similar to what might be found in the real exam. Thought-provoking answer choices challenge you and promote critical thinking at every level.

In Exam Mode, answers are not provided until you’ve completed the entire exam. Once you’ve finished an exam, you’ll review your overall score and receive a complete breakdown of your exam performance by competency.

In the Review Answers section, the correct answers are highlighted and a detailed explanation is provided for both correct and incorrect responses. This ensures a greater understanding of complicated subject material. For further study, you will find a list of references at the end of the Explanation section.


We’ve got the tools to help you target the areas you’re most deficient in, providing you the greatest advantage possible on your educator certification exam. Are you ready to start now?


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