Test Development Professionals

The authors of our material are well known in their respective fields. This team of professors have taught in public schools and at the university level for many years. They have presented numerous workshops on preparing candidates for the state examinations for teachers. They have authored and co-authored several books on teacher certification. These professors have spent numerous years supervising and mentoring student teachers, interns, and first-year teachers in Texas.

Our team of exam development professionals spend months writing, editing, rewriting, testing, and rewriting again. All of their efforts are so that you have the most technically accurate, comprehensive exam simulation tools available in the realm of TExES™ certification.

They deliver the toughest questions, but they also make sure each answer is thoroughly explained. They provide detailed descriptions that explain why the correct answer really is the best answer and rule out the other possibilities. In addition to that, they thoughtfully direct you to their favorite study materials so you, too, can completely understand the topic.


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