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About Content

The TExES Core Subjects 4-8 (211) exam is designed to assess whether the teacher candidate has the requisite knowledge and skills that an entry-level educator in this field in Texas public schools must possess. The test is structured with 4 subject test domains: English Language Arts and Reading; Mathematics; Social Studies; Science, with a breakdown of knowledge and skills within each area.


Domain I—English Language Arts and Reading Domain II—Mathematics Domain IV—Science
Competency 001—(Oral Language) Competency 001—(Number Systems and Representations) Competency 001—(Equipment and Safety)
Competency 002—(Early Literacy Development) Competency 002—(Operations and Computational Algorithms) Competency 002—(Tools, Materials, and Technologies)
Competency 003—(Word Identification and Reading Fluency) Competency 003—(Number Theory and Problem Solving) Competency 003—(Scientific Inquiry)
Competency 004—(Reading Comprehension and Assessment) Competency 004—(Mathematical Reasoning and Pattern Analysis) Competency 004—(Impact of Science)
Competency 005—(Reading Applications) Competency 005—(Linear Functions) Competency 005—(Concepts and Processes) 
Competency 006—(Written Language – Writing Conventions) Competency 006—(Nonlinear Functions) Competency 006—(Forces and Motion)
Competency 007—(Written Language – Composition) Competency 007—(Conceptual Foundations of Calculus) Competency 007—(Physical Properties)
Competency 008—(Viewing and Representing) Competency 008—(Measurement as a Process) Competency 008—(Chemical Properties)
Competency 009—(Study and Inquiry Skills) Competency 009—(Foundations of Euclidian Geometry) Competency 009—(Energy and Interactions)
Domain III—Social Studies Competency 010—(Two- and Three-Dimensional Figures) Competency 010—(Energy Transformations and Conservation)
Competency 001—(History) Competency 011—(Algebra and Geometry in Cartesian Coordinates) Competency 011—(Structure and Function of Living Things)
Competency 002—(Geography) Competency 012—(Graphical Representation and Patterns) Competency 012—(Reproduction and the Mechanisms of Heredity)
Competency 003—(Economics) Competency 013—(The Theory of Probability) Competency 013—(Adaptations and Evolution)
Competency 004—(Government and Citizenship) Competency 014—(Probability, Sampling and Statistical Inference) Competency 014—(Mechanisms and Behavior)
Competency 005—(Culture, Science, Technology and Society) Competency 015—(Mathematical Reasoning and Problem Solving) Competency 015—(Organisms and the Environment)
Competency 006—(Social Studies Foundations and Skills) Competency 016—(Mathematical Connections, Ideas and Concepts) Competency 016—(Structure and Function of Earth Systems)
Competency 007—(Social Studies Instruction and Assessment) Competency 017—(Developing Skills, Procedures and Concepts) Competency 017—(Cycles in Earth Systems)
  Competency 018—(Knowledge of Students to Plan Instruction) Competency 018—(Energy in Weather and Climate)
  Competency 019—(Assessments) Competency 019—(Solar System and the Universe)
    Competency 020—(History of the Earth System)
    Competency 021—(How Students Learn Science)
    Competency 022—(Scientific Inquiry)
    Competency 023—(Assessments)
1 module course
Core Subjects 4-8 (211)

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Key Features of the Program

About content

The Study Guide for TExES™ Core Subjects EC-6(291) gives you a focused, timesaving way to identify the information you need to know to pass your TExES™ Core Subjects EC-6(291) exam.

We strongly recommend you combine CertifyTeacher electronic assessments with the study guide to help you become familiar with the types of questions that you will encounter on the TExES™ exam. By reviewing the domains and competencies in the body of knowledge of the test with the study guide and practicing with the electronic assessments, you can focus on the specific skills that you need to improve before taking the exam. 

To enhance your chances of success in this important step toward your career as a teacher in Texas schools, the study guide: 

   • Presents an accurate and complete overview of the TExES™ Core Subjects EC-6 (291) examination.

   • Identifies all of the important information and its representation on the exam.

   • Provides a comprehensive review of every domain.

   • Presents sample questions in the actual test format including level of difficulty.   Here is what you will encounter when studying with this study guide. 

   • All 47 competencies are covered by content area experts

   • Every competency is introduced with a video

   • Every skill and knowledge in each competency descriptor is discussed

   • A quiz at the end of every competency assesses understanding

   • We identify for you all the important information on the exam

   • Track your study progress with the Study Tracker listed in the Main Menu  The purpose of this readiness review is to help refresh your memory on subjects with which you should already be familiar. 

The complete readiness review consists of two parts: this Study Guide and Certify Teacher interactive practice tests.


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