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About Content

TExES™ English as a Second Language Supplemental, exam #154, tests your knowledge on on three domains: (1) Language Concepts and Language Acquisition, (2) ESL Instruction and Assessment, and (3) Foundations of ESL Education, Cultural Awareness, and Family and Community Involvement. Within each domain the content of the test is further defined by a set of competencies. This exam covers 10 competencies in all.

TestSim® ESL SUPL is designed to prepare you to succeed in the TExES™ English as a Second Language Supplemental exam on the first try. This practice exam features two modes (Exam Mode and Study Mode) of study; (1) covers all the domains and competencies with incredibly realistic TExES™ questions; (2) provides detailed answers and explanations; and (3) gives a score report showing a graphical display of your test score with a breakdown of scores by competencies.

In addition to the Study Mode test, and the full-length, 5-hour simulation Exam Mode where you can test and retest with different question sets each time, this software features Flashcards to provide you with an easy way to reinforce key educational concepts, theories, and laws. Automated scoring, Exam Tips and Exam History are some of the other features designed to maximize your learning experience and give you the edge to pass the real TExES™ exam the first time.

Practice questions were developed following guidelines of the actual TExES™ test framework as defined by Texas SBEC – State Board for Educator Certification.

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English as a Second Language/Supplemental (154)

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Key Features of the Program

About content

The Study Guide for TExES™ Core Subjects EC-6(291) gives you a focused, timesaving way to identify the information you need to know to pass your TExES™ Core Subjects EC-6(291) exam.

We strongly recommend you combine CertifyTeacher electronic assessments with the study guide to help you become familiar with the types of questions that you will encounter on the TExES™ exam. By reviewing the domains and competencies in the body of knowledge of the test with the study guide and practicing with the electronic assessments, you can focus on the specific skills that you need to improve before taking the exam. 

To enhance your chances of success in this important step toward your career as a teacher in Texas schools, the study guide: 

   • Presents an accurate and complete overview of the TExES™ Core Subjects EC-6 (291) examination.

   • Identifies all of the important information and its representation on the exam.

   • Provides a comprehensive review of every domain.

   • Presents sample questions in the actual test format including level of difficulty.   Here is what you will encounter when studying with this study guide. 

   • All 47 competencies are covered by content area experts

   • Every competency is introduced with a video

   • Every skill and knowledge in each competency descriptor is discussed

   • A quiz at the end of every competency assesses understanding

   • We identify for you all the important information on the exam

   • Track your study progress with the Study Tracker listed in the Main Menu  The purpose of this readiness review is to help refresh your memory on subjects with which you should already be familiar. 

The complete readiness review consists of two parts: this Study Guide and Certify Teacher interactive practice tests.


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Key Features of the Program



  • Drill knowledge on the suject matter
  • Search keywords, learn their definitions and application in educational contexts
  • Create your own list with the most dificult words
  • Shuffle the cards in the deck
  • Set preferences for viewing the cards
  • Check your stats for questions answered, keywords mastered and learned