Middle School Mathematics X

  • Access for up to 3 years or until you pass your state assessment whichever comes first
  • There are no monthly charges
  • Study online with your laptop, smartphone or tablet
  • Covers all domains and competencies tested on the real PEARSON test
  • Contains hundreds of exceptionally realistic PEARSON test questions
  • Includes the most current core standards and testing technology you will find in the real test
  • Includes detailed explanation for every answer choice – correct and incorrect
  • Hundreds of flashcards to drill your knowledge of relevant key terms
  • Test-taking tips so you know how to prepare for your test and show up ready to ace it
  • Exam History so you can keep track of your progress
  • Smart Reports create a Study Plan personalized to your specific needs
  • Study Plan Tracker guides you through assignments to address content you need improvement
  • Video tutoring for Math topics if applicable


1 module course
Middle School Mathematics

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Key Features of the Program

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Key Features of the Program



  • Drill knowledge on the suject matter
  • Search keywords, learn their definitions and application in educational contexts
  • Create your own list with the most dificult words
  • Shuffle the cards in the deck
  • Set preferences for viewing the cards
  • Check your stats for questions answered, keywords mastered and learned